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The Dregs on various Top Comics of 2017 Lists


The Dregs got a lot of love last year and we ended up on a fair amount of ‘Top Comics of 2017’ lists. Lonnie, Zac, Dee and I worked our butts off on that series, so it’s heartening to see all the appreciation.  Here are all the sites that put The Dregs on their lists:

Paste Magazine

Big Comic Page





Fox Force Five News

Geekcast Radio


We also ended up #2 on the Top New Comic Series of 2017 list of comic book review aggregate site, ComicBook Round Up.

The success of The Dregs was a big deal to me because it essentially made my career. After what feels like a decade of hard work and obscurity, I found myself receiving several offers of work in 2017. I’ll be able to go in to more detail on what that entails at the end of 2018, though.